Rapid Prototyping With Metal Dynamics

The foundry industry is evolving rapidly with new technologies developing daily.  At Metal Dynamics, we believe that it is vital to not only continue to expand our organization’s knowledge in new technology but also to adapt and embrace it. In keeping with that philosophy, we are very excited to offer a new rapid prototyping service to both new and pre-existing customers. Imagine thinking of a concept or design today and then waking up tomorrow and being able to hold that idea in your hands. Metal Dynamics can take your idea and turn it into a solid object. However, some people might not be satisfied with just any 3D model.
And should that be your case, let us take your idea, concept, drawing or 3D file and turn it into a casting in the material of your choice.
For over six decades Metal Dynamics' core business has been the production of sand and investment castings. The addition of our rapid prototyping service allows you to design the future and have Metal Dynamics cast your 3D printed objects today. These prototypes can be useful for qualifying; form, fit and function; retrofitting an existing item; giving hands-on presentations; or developing and expanding collections.

Our New Services Include:

11" x 11" x 9" Build Volume

3D Modeling, Prototyping & Design

2D to 3D conversions

3D scanning

3D printing

Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Print to cast (Lost PLA (Polylactic Acid) Casting)

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